What does Google Maps bring to route planning?

Tools like Waze or Google Maps make everybody’s life easier in terms of finding the fastest and secure way to get from one location to another. However, what happens if what we need is for the tool to plan a route that is as efficient as possible and also contains several destination points?


Criteria for organizing sales forces

The sales team is vital to the smooth running of any business. A company must devote all its efforts to organize an effective sales team, on which the weight of almost the whole company will be practically sustained. Selling our product or service is the objective of any company and we must be aware of how significant is the organizing of sales forces to achieve our objectives.


Recommendations for business whose employees use company cars

Businesses with mobile employees usually have a more or less significant fleet of company cars that, if not used properly, could have some really bad consequences for mobile employees and the company itself.

It’s imperative to design an education and awareness policy so remote workers, who regularly drive company cars, may had a safe driving and legal behavior that doesn’t compromise their security and protect third parties’ safety.


Access and exit control for employees

Knowing when the work day of each worker begins and ends is something completely assumed by both company and employees from time immemorial. This start and leave work control has been thorough with permanent employees, who underwent different techniques of entry and exit control: mechanical signing, hand signing … However, with the increased business mobility, companies also have to figure out how to control the start and leave work time of mobile employees.


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