As in a long distance love relationship, separation time can be what undermines the trust of lovers. You can find virtually the same signals while working with remote employees. The best thing to do in these cases is to practice some tricks that help you avoid isolation and create group conscience.

3 things you should keep in mind if you are monitoring remote workforces for the first time

You have to assume a single factor fight. The big question now is ‘How to track my employees?’ Especially if it is the first time you see yourself in the position of monitoring remote workers.


You cannot be tempted to be all day calling them by phone, sending emails and pretend of them to be permanently online at the chat… they are working!

Obviously you need to know about them and, above all, have the peace of mind that you can track your employees at any time. Believe me, it is possible to do it without coming to harassment.

Technical support

Do not think of yourself as misunderstood. It is difficult to maintain serenity when working with remote workforces. On the other hand it is very easy to be in despair. Where will my workers be? Will they be in charge of the project? Have they visited the client? Will this technical problem be repaired? Will the order be delivered on time?…

Mistrust is one of the biggest challenges that the manager of a remote workforce must overcome. However, you just have to forget about stress, maintain a 21st century managerial mentality and get the right tool: a tracking employee’s app.

Anyway, and especially if you are a rookie, these 3 tips will come in hand in order to track your mobile employees:

Communication. Make sure your employees have access to multiple communication channels and dedicate each of them to the appropriate end. A quick update or file sharing can be channeled through the chat. Updates of larger projects can be sent by email. A battery of questions is best done by phone. It is not bad to have a video conferencing tool, but do not abuse it for unimportant issues.

Team builgind. Having coffee or informal meetings with your workers makes it easier to tighten relationships. Getting friendly relationships is a challenge with remote work. Take advantage of Monday and use the chat to ask your workers how the weekend has gone. Losing a few minutes in this kind of tasks will beat isolation. By the way, the odd emoticon will help put emotion to the communication. Your remote workers will like to feel appreciated as individuals.

Use the right tools. Technology allows us to use digital tools that will make our work much easier. Workers will also benefit from it. This is the case of Bixpe’s tracking employees app, which also allows remote workers to have total access to all corporate data, issue and receive reports, fill in online forms, enter data through their mobile devices…

How have these tips gone for your company? What do you think of them? And, more importantly, how do you cope with monitoring a remote workforce.

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