The report on “Mobility Software in Logistics Companies” by SoftDoit and CITET (Innovation in Logistics and Road Transport Center) has highlighted the reluctance of logistics companies to use tools suitable for the development of their activity.

Only 50% of logistics companies use Fleet Management Software

The study involved 64 companies from the logistics sector. According to data provided by participating companies the reality about the Fleet Management had been exposed. Perhaps one of the most significant data is the fact that 50% of logistics companies do not have fleet management software yet, so the work is still done in the traditional manner, losing millions of euros with an obsolete management according to these times of rapid technological change.

Technological Revolution

For these companies, the technological revolution is coming little by little. However, the study makes it clear that more than 25% of respondents have indicated their intention to venture with this type of tools in the coming months, although the rest say they do not need it.

This last fact is given despite the fact that more than 40% of the companies that use Fleet Management Software confirm the increase of productivity and the reduction of costs. More than 26% of users have a standard tool while the rest benefit from software tailored to their needs.

Mobile Devices

Regarding the use of mobile devices, almost 79% of road-mobile employees use one, of which about 28% use BYOD, compared to practically the same number employing a device facilitated by their company.

It is interesting to know what kind of device these mobile workers use. In this case, 55% of employees use smartphones, almost 17% work with PDA and approximately 5% use a tablet.

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