Knowing when the work day of each worker begins and ends is something completely assumed by both company and employees from time immemorial. This start and leave work control has been thorough with permanent employees, who underwent different techniques of entry and exit control: mechanical signing, hand signing … However, with the increased business mobility, companies also have to figure out how to control the start and leave work time of mobile employees.

Access and exit control for employees

How to know when a mobile employee begins work and ends work on a particular day

Until recently it was very difficult to managing working time, so important for the company percentage productivity. Obviously this difficulty didn’t affect permanent workers, but it did affect the remote workforce with mobile workload.

In some cases the worker was forced to take a trip to the headquarters to “clock” in and out. This way of time management meant a waste of effective working time of an employee’s job, which had to leave his work to devote time to move to the local office. Eventually the solution could be more expensive than not establishing an entry and exit control for remote workers.

However, the increased activity of mobility companies has allowed the development of simple applications that let you know when a mobile worker begins or ends his day. This is Bixpe case, which through mobile phone tracking allows the company to carry out a detailed time management control of each mobile worker. In addition, this app will also tell us where the employee day starts and where it ends in real time.

Monitoring working time isn’t bad

Actually, a mobile company isn’t doing anything different from what any other company does with permanent employees. The only difference is that in order to control the working hours of a mobile employee, we may have to use another technique. In this case we deal with a gps tracking app.

These are completely legal apps and it requires the workers to know that they’re being monitored and their privacy rights aren’t violated.

One nice feature of Bixpe app is the possibility to establish in advance the timesheet in which the workers must be located, coinciding with the working day, so at the end, the app stops gathering information, preserving their privacy.

Access and exit control for employees benefits

  • Control of time worked: we talk about knowing what time employees come in and out of work but we can also know how much time mobile employees have actually been working outside the office, enhancing their routes and customers visits to improve productivity.
  • Improved decision making: knowledge is power, and it’s very difficult to make decisions based on assumptions. Knowing the reality of the employees work schedule allows us to make better decisions and in real time.
  • Control of each employee as an individual: although the company is a whole, each employee works their own way in the face of different circumstances. Being able to analyze the circumstance of each worker will help us to better plan their work.
  • Improvement of workers timeliness: Employees who know they are controlled take much care of the company hourly policies, which increases their discipline and play by the rules.

CC Image: geralt