Knowing where each employee is in an office is a simple task. However, the control and location of mobile employees, those who must work outside the company’s headquarters, is much more complicated. The solution to this problem is in the use of location apps.

Are there applications that locate employees while they work?

The answer to our question is clear: yes. In addition, there are not only applications for the control and location of employees, but also contribute to make our business in one of the most effective of the market.

Comfort and immediacy

The tracking apps for employees while they work are based on the geolocation system or GPS. This means that it is enough to install this technology in the car or in the worker’s mobile device, so that we know where it is.

In the case of the most comfortable and effective mobility apps, the installation is made on the worker’s mobile device, smartphone or tablet. From there we can see, on screen monitor and in real time, where is each worker we want to locate and we will also be able to maintain a correct monitoring during working hours.

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Is it legal to use a tracking app?

Yes, it is legal to use a tracking app. Obviously and at all times, the privacy of the worker must be preserved and you must not violate a single right of the employee. In this sense, the newest control and tracking apps for employees include a disconnection system, so that they stop sending location data outside of the worker’s working hours.

Benefits for the worker and the employer

In the case of the worker

These apps allow them to have all the corporate information as if they were in the office instead of doing field work. Also, they will not have to take notes and make paper forms, or make reports that they will have to later type on the computer.

Control and tracking apps allow the employee to enter the data directly through their mobile device, using online forms. They will not have to do the job twice.

In addition, the employee will be in contact with the company all the time, so that it will benefit from the actual calculation of his working hours and be paid more fairly.

In the case of the employer

You will have located all the members of the mobile staff. They will appear located on the screen monitor and in real time. This way, you will know which worker is closest to a client, send an emergency service to the nearest employee or know if a member of the staff is not at its working place.

You can also choose alternative routes for employees and avoid long road retentions, promote more efficient driving ways or know how much time an employee spends with each customer.

If your company needs to monitor the position of the mobile workforce and know where they are or communicate with them without the need for innumerable phone calls, you must have the best solution in a control and tracking app.

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