One of the most tedious tasks for departments such as HR is to justify working hours. Keeping track of the working hours of the entire staff becomes a titanic effort based on paperwork and spreadsheets.

However, some apps manage to simplify so much this issue that the worker feels free, less stressed and able to dedicate its time to other important company tasks.

How to automatically justify working hours

In the digital age and with all-purpose tools, it is absurd to stress your employees and waste them with uncomfortable and repetitive tasks that waste a lot of time.

One of these unnecessary administrative works is to update the working times record in real time… if you don’t believe me just ask Human Resources and see the truth first hand. The good news is that you can help them in a simple and cheap way, which will benefit the company.

Increase your productivity with Work Time Tracking

Our company has managed to develop a specially designed app to automatically keep track of time worked. It’s called Work Time Tracking and it’s a time control app.

The good thing about this small and inexpensive application is that, in addition to simplifying HR work, it also helps employees when clocking in and out or recording their breaks at work.

This is especially appreciated in case of mobile employees or remote workers. Teleworkers, delivery people, sales people, security, technical services… they can all start their work every morning, wherever they are.

You’re aware that these employees cannot go to the work center to sign up. What a waste of time and resources! Also, you know that controlling the working hours of mobile employees is a strenuous effort: where are they, what time do they begin, when do they stop to eat or rest, how many clients they interviewed…

Record your staff workday with Work Time Tracking

Here you can take a look at the benefits that downloading and executing this simple app in the mobile device of each employee supposes for both the company and the worker (pay special attention HR staff):

Quick and automatic registration. The employee only has to press the icon and clock in and out of it workday will automatically be recorded. It will be the time marked by the smarphone at that moment.

Break and resumption of the workday. The worker presses the same button if needed and register the reason: lunchtime, going to the doctor, rest, personal matters…). Then press again when returning to work.

Two ways to see the information. Very convenient for HR staff. You can see working hours record as a board-table or as a graph of clock in and out data history… and therefore make the report.

GPS tracking. You will know the exact location from which each employee issues the information.

Manage time records. You’ll have the list of hours for each worker in the panel. You can keep track of each employee’s workday through the app.

Come and try it! You’ll see how useful Bixpe’s app is for you. You can download it and try it for free. What do you think about it? Would you like to have a tool like this as time registration manager?

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