Compliance with deadlines, arrive at the emergency site as quickly as possible, go to a service notification as soon as possible, attend an emergency service… are issues that fall within the ten commandments of daily concerns of companies with mobile employees. The truth is that to be able to reach the quality standards, get the favor of the final customer and a plus of productivity, there’s nothing better than applying some tips when optimizing routes.

Bets tips for delivery route planing or trade routes for your employees

How to optimize routes

We are all aware that in the field of delivery routes and trade routes, the best thing for both the client and the company is to avoid as many errors as possible. This can only be achieved through an extraordinary standardized service with an exhaustive control of all aspects related to the itineraries that will realize our mobile employees.

It must be clear to all mobility companies that in this sense, a good mobility app will offer us that extra help to make our lives easier. Through its location historical database, we’ll be able to establish more optimal and profitable routes, speeding up the work of the remote employee and offering added value to the final client.

Optimize routes tips

    1. Team coordination. All members of the team must work to fulfill the planning. In this regard, manager, technicians and distributors must follow the same premises.
    2. Drivers training. It is essential to have highly qualified personnel capable of developing their work under pressure, because they have to face a sometimes very stressful job.
    3. Staff members. It’s important to determine the number of mobile employees that we are going to need, taking into account those who will be on the road and those who will be with the client, in addition to those who at some point should be in the offices.
    4. Staff aptitudes. The staff selection process is essential. We need skilled workers to perform a job that requires mastery of stress. We are talking about people who have decisive attitudes, are self-sufficient, enterpreneurs and are able to bear issues such as traffic, long working hours or dealing with clients.
    5. The quality of the customers. Pay attention to because not every client is valid for our best interests. On the contrary, some can act like a drag on our productivity, making us invest time and money in exchange for meager benefits. This can make us spend less time on other customers with a higher rate of profitability. Sometimes it’s better to say goodbye to a customer who doesn’t meet our goals.
    6. Receive technical assistance. For a minimum investment new technologies can help us to achieve a great deal. Accordingly, mobility apps like Bixpe, will allow us to optimize routes and our employees work in a very simple and profitable way.