Locating employees by their mobile devices is becoming increasingly common among entrepreneurs. For its part, the employee is concerned about this situation and in most cases it’s associated with violation of its privacy. However, localization applications can bring you many benefits.

My boss wants to locate me while I’m working, what does that mean?

New working procedures

Topics such as flexible hours or business mobility have been cast as new working procedures. This type of work concept gives employees broader ways of approaching their tasks.

How employees are located

These new jobs require new methods of locating employees by mobile devices. There is no longer just the old way of clocking in and out of the office, using a little machine.

Maybe you start your working day at another point of work, away from the headquarters of your company, distributing, in the hall of the airport while waiting to fly for work… How do you keep control of the staff then?

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It’s easy. Through GPS tracking software, which acts through an app downloaded to the worker’s mobile phone.

Does that invade my privacy?

No way! The bad practices of some entrepreneurs, which could even be reported, have supported the reputation of spyware for this type of applications. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

We are completely against these behaviors in Bixpe. Moreover, our position is in favor of safeguarding the privacy of each employee. Therefore, our tracking app has an operating system that allows disconnection when the work day ends and reconnects when it starts the next day.

In return, you can also be confident because the tracking app will let you know how many real hours you work each day, which clients you had visited and what routes you had to do, to mention a few examples.

You can also be able to put a price on your overtime work, confirm your work and receive the right amount of money for the mileage. These are just some of the benefits of locating employees by mobile devices. You can try it totally free whit Bixpe’s demo.