Calculating working hours for office staff can be a tedious task. When it comes to finding out how many hours the mobile employees have worked, the situation becomes ungrateful and very exasperating. But there are simple and inexpensive solutions that will speed up your work.

How to calculate your employees working hours

A paperwork nerve-racking fight

There is no more uncomfortable and exasperating task to perform than calculating working hours of each member of the company’s workforce. This task is unpleasantly multiplied with remote workers working days.

To track the working hours of this part of the workforce is a major headache. After all, you have to face a bunch of workers who do not have a regular working day.

Knowing when and where they were, what day and how many hours the sales force personnel, the delivery people, your technicians and workers, the security employees have been… not even them can foresee their own working day.


Excel spreadsheets becomes a kind of sour enemy, with which you have no choice except to cope. In addition you must be able to add to these sheets the work reports of every mobile employee. It is sheer nonsense, of course.

Work Time Tracking

I imagine that you have already heard about time control apps. They have come to simplify all this work, make your work more comfortable and much more productive.

This is the case of our Work Time Tracking software, a simple and cheap app that will allow you to control the working hours of each employee. You will be able to know when they start or end their working day and also know their breaks to rest, eat, go to the doctor…

Work Time Tracking of Bixpe will allow you a new method to calculate working hours in an exact way, reducing idle times. This will lead you to increase the level of productivity of your entire workforce.

In addition, a time control app lets you know exactly how many hours each employee works, which gives you the necessary information to pay fairer fees to your workers.

What becomes clear is that HR and Accounting staff will feel much lighter and unloaded from job issues that take precious time away from other important tasks in their departments.