The number of workers who develop their tasks outside the headquarters of the company is increasing. Mobile employees must and need to be tracked to resolve incidents and receive assistance. However, many workers are concerned that their managers can use GPS tracking to spy on them.

Can my boss track me by my smartphone’s GPS?

Legal compliance

Through Spanish High Court’s judgement, the laws made it clear that the boss could track workers’ telephones. Naturally, this new regulation did not give carte blanche to employers to violate the rights of employees through GPS tracking.

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GPS tracking

The malpractice of some distrustful and with little business culture superiors, has led workers to think that a GPS tracking app on their smartphones serves to be permanently controlled and under suspicion.

Quite the opposite. Bixpe’s tracking app is to help bosses and workers. It is a way to facilitate the work of mobile employees and a way to increase the productivity of the company.

How does it help to put a GPS on my smartphone?

Mobile employees will understand these assumptions better than anyone else. An app so that your boss can locate you through your smartphone will offer you great advantages.

  • It will give you access, through your mobile device, to all the information you may need and you will be able to use it as if you were in the office.
  • You can enter data in situ through the smartphone, without having to take info on paper and then enter it on the computer. No double working.
  • It will allow your superiors to know where you are at each moment of your working day. This way, tracked your position on screen, you can be notified about the nearest customer.
  • They can also tell you which one is the most efficient route, preventing you from getting stuck in huge traffic jams.
  • You can sign in and out, without having to physically go to the office.
  • Your boss will know the actual hours you spend with each client and how many hours you actually work a day, which will help you to claim a fairer wage.

As you can see, a GPS tracking app provides many advantages. But, if you still have any questions about your privacy, the Bixpe’s app has the function of disconnecting the GPS once your job day is finished. Try our application for free and tell us what you think.