Do you know how to take advantage of working time?

In a culture that still shows clear signs of remaining anchored in an ‘always be present mood’ past, making good time management seems an impossible task and also inappropriate for the benefits of the company.

However, the new forms of time control have shown that not for stay longer at work is synonymous of greater productivity.


Does time control work in SMEs?

Many small and medium-sized businesses already know that there are necessary means to keep time control of SMEs… and the benefits that come along with it. However, this technology is rejected as way too expensive. You should know that time control also works for your company, requiring a very low investment.


How to make the workday register simply and quickly

The HR and Accounting departments are essential in any company. They must face their challenges with professionalism, more quickly and efficiently than ever thought possible. However a large number of tasks, such as the registration of the workday, are inherent to the job and the work exceeds them on many occasions. In this sense, a bit of help never does any harm.