How to automatically justify working hours

One of the most tedious tasks for departments such as HR is to justify working hours. Keeping track of the working hours of the entire staff becomes a titanic effort based on paperwork and spreadsheets.

However, some apps manage to simplify so much this issue that the worker feels free, less stressed and able to dedicate its time to other important company tasks.


I see new signings

Do you remember that Bruce Willis movie in which an adorable little boy came to paroxysm because he sometimes saw dead people? Indeed, I am talking about “The Sixth Sense”! Well, the same happens to employees of HR, only that the burden reaches them when it comes to counting the worked hours of each employee.


Best way to calculate the daily, weekly, monthly or annual workday

Is it time to review the hours of the template and it drives you crazy? Have you had to count the working hours of every worker? Do you have to deal with Excel and perform a lot of complex calculations? It is normal if you feel bad about it. You will face a tedious, complicated and very stressful job: to calculate the working hours.

Best way to calculate the daily, weekly, monthly or annual workday

A crazy job

Undoubtedly, the calculation of working hours is one of the most unpleasant tasks for the HR department… and for employees, who must see the faces with an endless Excel spreadsheet.

These workers already know what they are facing. However, it is normal that they do not get used to it. To the stress of having to add, subtract, collate… a lot of data in a practically artisanal way, they also must take time to attend to the accumulated work.

Effectively, while HR supports the weight of work schedules and the calculation of each type of work day, other types of tasks fall by the wayside. There is no more ungrateful and unproductive way to waste time and neglect work.

Advantages of time management software

For, truth be told, this way of working is more typical of the 19th century than of the Digital Era. Currently, New Technologies have finished with a job as tedious as that. Thanks to tools such as time management software, the calculation of employee working hours becomes very simple.

Downloading and executing an app on your employees’ smartphones is enough for all. This software calculates the working hours, among other interesting things, so the despair of an entire department comes to an end.

The time management app will record the hours worked by each of your employees. They can sign up from their device, something essential for mobile employees. You can get a real time report in detail whenever you need it.

You can arrange daily, weekly, monthly or annual work day reports exactly the way you want them. It will be as easy as a click and be patient for a moment. You will have all the needed data at a single stroke.

Now the employees who performed the calculation will be less stressed and more productive, because they will be able to perform the accumulated work. Say goodbye to those dead hours thanks to a simple app. Try Bixpe’s app for free.

Sayonara, Excel

How many years stuck to that increasingly long and endless Excel sheet! Any employee of the HR department knows what I mean. Not to mention Accounting employees. But this role is becoming more and more boring by seconds, not to say tedious and stressful. I want a signing managing app!