Recommendations for business whose employees use company cars

Businesses with mobile employees usually have a more or less significant fleet of company cars that, if not used properly, could have some really bad consequences for mobile employees and the company itself.

It’s imperative to design an education and awareness policy so remote workers, who regularly drive company cars, may had a safe driving and legal behavior that doesn’t compromise their security and protect third parties’ safety.


How to make your work flow to save you time

One of the biggest concerns of mobile employees is to have enough time to reconcile work and family life effectively. It is important that you know how to anticipate and distribute your work tasks to get those extra hours that will allow you to enjoy your personal interests.


How to get HR to adapt to labor flexibility

The New Technologies and, why not say it, the access to the job market of the Millenial Generation, have convulsed the traditional way that until now had prevailed in work methods. The culture of ‘always be present’ is disappearing and gives way to more flexible working hours and remote work. It is essential that Human Resources adapt to this reality.