What does Google Maps bring to route planning?

Tools like Waze or Google Maps make everybody’s life easier in terms of finding the fastest and secure way to get from one location to another. However, what happens if what we need is for the tool to plan a route that is as efficient as possible and also contains several destination points?


Bets tips for delivery route planing or trade routes for your employees

Compliance with deadlines, arrive at the emergency site as quickly as possible, go to a service notification as soon as possible, attend an emergency service… are issues that fall within the ten commandments of daily concerns of companies with mobile employees. The truth is that to be able to reach the quality standards, get the favor of the final customer and a plus of productivity, there’s nothing better than applying some tips when optimizing routes.


Do you have a good Traffic Manager?

One of the industries that employ the most mobile workers is the one related to the logistics and transport sectors. In these cases, a good Traffic Chief becomes indispensable to coordinate and carry out the daily work as well as being able to prevent and solve any type of incident. The quality of the work of many employees depends on it.


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