Hourly control of mobile employees

Companies that have a good part or the entire staff as a mobile workforce, with a working from anywhere possibility, without having to be present at the company headquarters, need to find a valid system that allows them to control the scheduling of both working time and free time of its mobile employees.


Does your mobility company have to control the working time of the employees?

Much has been written about the hourly control of employees during the last months. At the beginning, the Court ruled that companies had an obligation to record the hours worked by each employee. However, subsequently, a second instance sentence has considered, finally, that the employer is not obliged to perform this function. But attention: things are not like this for mobility companies.


Time optimization in your working life

Performing good management of the workday is one of the major factors that companies appreciate when assessing the productivity of an employee. A worker who is capable of carrying out its work in record time reaffirms its profitability.


The importance of time control for the Company

It cannot be denied that most of the investment made by a company goes to one of its essential resources: the workforce. Having a system that allows time control of workers should be one of the tools that allow the company to more effectively record hours of work.


When money is not everything

It is true that the economic crisis has led to a drop in wages to levels not seen for decades. However, given the impossibility of offering higher remuneration, many employers have been able to find a new motivation for their employees.


To nap… at work

No, it’s not about encouraging carelessness and slovenliness. Quite the contrary. Your employee can be more productive if a little of workplace napping occurs. At least this is the result of the most objective and scientific studies that have led large companies to impose this new trend: To nap at work.


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