Why control and follow GPS Tracking of mobile employees?

Through a simple application installed on mobile phones, it’s possible to control and follow a GPS tracking of employees working outside the office. While this technology reports great benefits to companies of all sizes, the truth is that it’s necessary to conduct a study to see if it is worthwhile to enable the service. In this sense we cannot ignore implementation costs, technological investment, management time… Anyway it’s interesting that this study is carried out by a company qualified for it and, as in the case of Bixpe, allows us to have a feasibility study that advises us on the most interesting points for our type of business and the advantages that we’ll gain from it.


How to track employees’ phones

In the last few years, GPS tracking have gained widespread use. More and more companies understand the benefits of GPS tracking in order to manage companies of any type, especially those whose workforce needs to go out into the field and work remotely. At least CEOs understand the importance of knowing where their staff is.


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