Should the company record working hours? The continuous changing standards that Justice has led around this issue, has created much confusion. We try to bring a little light on the hourly record of employees.

Does your company record working hours daily?

The legal argument

Spanish Labour Inspectorate’s opinion

In 2016, the Labour and Social Security Inspectorate affirmed that control over the working time of employees should be intensified. Above all, maximum working hours and number of overtime hours had to be taken care of and must be respected.

This was the only way to compensate correctly the working time, making the appropriate quotes for overtime hours.

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Judges’ opinion

In 2017, the Spanish Supreme Court delivered judgement by which the employer should not keep track of the working hours of their employees, except in regard to overtime.

This ruling overturned an earlier one of the National High Court, issued in 2015 and that carried out an extensive review of the provisions of the Workers’ Statute.

Time control benefits

The wide range of opinions seems to be endless. In fact, it is already spoken that perhaps it is better to implant control time systems in all its forms.

The certain thing is that keeping a time control of the employees increases productivity and makes your company much more competitive. The daily record of working hours helps to prioritize projects.

In addition, with the employees’ time control, it is possible to improve the appropriate focus, save money and raise awareness among the work teams. Have you ever tried a time control application?