Decontructing Work is not as new a concept as it may seem, but you may need some explanations so you can come to understand why this technique is improving the productivity of businesses.

The word deconstruction is closely linked to the gastronomic world; however we are not so accustomed to its use to explain certain business tendencies that burst in with force in the world of work.

Deconstructing Work is coming

In the kitchen, deconstructing actually refers to the process of a recipe break down food to reshape them under a more personal and subjective concept, from the chef’s point of view.

This procedure has reached the world of work through “elements” such as technology, digital concept and economic factors. We cannot ignore the fact that the world around us is changing so the work spaces must adapt too.

We need to add to this the ways in which labor standards have also changed and the way in which new technologies have forced us to transform the way employees perform their tasks, regardless of how the worker tasks have also been transformed.

Labour Flexibility

Younger employees have been the most motivated to get companies to impose flexible hours. But that flexibility has also reached the spaces in which the work is developed. An employee can work when, where and how they want… been the project itself the one that sets the target.

This fact means that, mainly through Millenial generation, the salary is more a matter of emotions, that values being comfortable while performing the working tasks and allowed much more independency when it comes to reconciling work and family life.

Niels Pflaeging

We owe the concept of deconstructing work to this person. Pflaeging assures us that in this century we will develop our work from the most unsuspected places and environments that we cannot even predict.

On this regard, CEOs have been replaced by real specialists in leadership, more accessible and closer to the employee, besides being a source of positivism for the team group.

That positivity at work is what increases the productivity of the company, while getting happier workers.

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