Business mobility has forced to design new ways to know where each staff member is at any time of their working day.

Employees’ Control Applications: types and functions

There are different ways to establish a working time control over the employees of your company. Bixpe has specialized in this kind of development, with four different possible ways. Determine how your company works and which one of Bispe’s ways best suits your needs.

Employees Control Apps

Tracking Smartphones

To track through smartphones is one of the best options when choosing between applications for employees’ control. It is especially intended for supervisors, so they can keep their workers located in real time.

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The principle is very simple. The app is downloaded into the smartphone of each staff member. With the GPS tracking option activated, you can locate the entire workforce, on monitor and in real time.

Time Control

Worktime Tracking is Bixpe’s signing and time control app. Signing in and out of work for mobile employees is complex. Their working day may start far from the office, even from their home, an airport, another country…

Worktime Tracking is one of the employees’ control applications that will allow them to carry the sign-up app on their mobile phone. You will be able to know when they stop, for how long, how many of your employees stop at the same time…

Fleet Tracking

Fleet Tracking for vehicle GPS control, the most useful application for the control of employees working on the road. We will install a device in each vehicle that you want to add to the GPS control. It will be the best instrument to manage and control your vehicle fleet.

Mobile Forms

With Mobile Forms you will have total control over the management of mobile forms. Forget about tedious Excel forms. You can share forms through your mobile devices and operate with them in real time.

If you want more information about employees’ control applications, visit Bixpe’s web and try them for free for 30 days. Do not hesitate and tell us what you think about our apps!