You might think that only freelancers or mobile employees may feel alone in their jobs. However, even workers surrounded by colleagues experience a sense of loneliness.

Although loneliness is something very personal, the truth is that its effects are felt beyond each person. A worker who feels alone at work loses motivation, is less involved in projects and its productivity decreases dramatically.

Encourage the relationship between your mobile employees

We must promote the relationship between mobile employees during working hours. It does not matter the position held. The important thing is that they feel part of a whole and are involved one hundred percent with their tasks. You will get it by having the following points present:

Project managers on hand

The person responsible for each project should not be limited to analyzing reports. Yes, the data is essential to achieve optimal results, but they are not enough. These project managers also have the obligation to keep up the spirit of the work team, be present every time something is required of them and, of course, listen to what their employees say.

Congratulate the employee for a job well done

Yes, the employee does the work for which it is recruited, but that does not mean no effort and dedication are needed to carry it out. Let them know it and you will make your work team never feel loneliness as a work colleague.

Encourage socialization apps

Currently there are many applications for mobile devices that promote social relationships. For example, a time control app like the one you will find on Bixpe will let you know in real time how long each employee takes to perform their duties, reduce dead or lost time, sepecify hours of rest…

For its part, it is important that mobile workers communicate with each other with socialization apps. In addition, if in their rest hours they try and talk about everything a little and not only work related issues, they will obtain a much more narrow relationship with the rest of their coworkers that, otherwise, they would never obtain. With this type of apps, hardly a worker will feel alone performing their tasks.