Technical and computer services have been improving over time until a good level of adaptation to the world of logistics and transport has been achieved. This has enable that fleet management can be carried out thanks to real-time dating.

Fleet Management: How to improve safety at the wheel

Among the many benefits we have achieved with this, safety at the wheel and risk prevention have been reinforced thanks to the way in which we come to instant monitoring and every operation step is tracked.

The GPS Tracking teams are able to monitor the productivity of the driver and, therefore, improve safety at the wheel. To achieve this, the behavior of the driver on the road is monitored.

We can already know if the driver has suddenly accelerated, if he has used the brakes abruptly or if he has exceeded speed limits. In addition, these systems allow us to receive feedbacks. Also of great benefit to the employee that drives, conditioning and raising awareness about the way of driving.

Most effective steps towards safe driving

Driver monitoring. The monitoring will allow us to observe the behavior of the employee when seated at the steering wheel. This way we will be able to know issues such as whether the driver carries dangerous behaviors for its safety and that of others or if it drives inefficiently. These data allow us to train our staff to avoid these issues.

GPS tracking. Knowing the place where each driver is and at each moment, also allows us to reinforce safety. A clear example is that of the driver that fails and does not make the corresponding allocation in time. With the tracking device we will get to know where that worker is and alert the fleet so that the worker knows that the assistance is on the way. At the same time, we increase the client’s level of satisfaction.

Vehicle maintenance. One of the most important aspects to ensure safety is to comply with the maintenance and reviews that each car requires. This type of software and app allows the fleet management service to be reminded of review and maintenance dates of each car.