The New Technologies and, why not say it, the access to the job market of the Millenial Generation, have convulsed the traditional way that until now had prevailed in work methods. The culture of ‘always be present’ is disappearing and gives way to more flexible working hours and remote work. It is essential that Human Resources adapt to this reality.

How to get HR to adapt to labor flexibility

The latest reports say that almost 65% of companies in Spain have already taken on labor flexibility and that teleworking is gaining ground, achieving that the employee’s tasks are measured by projects and not by hours of presence at the company’s headquarters.

The connection between worker and company and between colleagues is essential for employees with flexible working hours or remote work and new technologies are essential to carry out their tasks.

Under these conditions, the HR Department must assume that this transformative wave must be spearheaded by them and that they must promote as much as possible the digital transformation of their companies.

Capitalise and take advantage

Given these new working formulas, the most interesting and consistent fact is that HR must capitalize on the situation and take advantage of the benefits of a digitalized world. Leading and managing workers methods must be different.

In this task it is essential, and so demands the HR departments themselves, the availability of software and apps that help managing tasks, so it’s easier to adapt to the new times and help in the digitalization of companies.

Time control, security issues, access management, reports… Saving time and money is easier with this type of tools. The administration of the work of these professionals, the bureaucracy that carried out their work, the endless paperwork … everything is now simpler, faster and cheaper thanks to the digitalization of this department. Has your company started this process or is it in the implementation phase?