One of the industries that employ the most mobile workers is the one related to the logistics and transport sectors. In these cases, a good Traffic Chief becomes indispensable to coordinate and carry out the daily work as well as being able to prevent and solve any type of incident. The quality of the work of many employees depends on it.

Do you have a good Traffic Manager?


It is essential that you have entrusted your Traffic Manager with the specific aspects of the job and not waste its time or training on tasks that are not within its competence.

This key post of Traffic Manager is to help the Supervision Department in the fleet coordination, distributing the vehicles and assuming the control and the approval of their exit.

It will be responsible for predicting which motorized unit will carry out a national or international route and will also be responsible for maintaining control of the rest hours and leave time of the employees behind the steering wheel.

Of course, the maintenance of the cars will be at its charge and will also have the functions of making requests for replacement parts for repairs and maintain a correctly fuel control.

Its reports and statistical studies will serve to know what jobs each driver has done, making it clear to the driver what time each trip should last. In this sense, it will have the power to analyze if there may be more efficient and effective alternative routes.

It is clear that compliance in security matters is under its responsibility. The Traffic Manager will be in charge of informing its superiors of any failure in this field.

As you can see, the Traffic Manager tasks are neither easy nor exempt from a great responsibility. A Traffic Manager with an excessive load of work could lead to errors with fatal consequences.

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