With the fleet management we try to carry out a series of actions that maximize the fleet of motor vehicles of a company. It starts with the acquisition of the cars and continues with their maintenance issues, the utilization of fuel, the training of drivers…

What does a GPS technology fleet management system bring to your business?

Foolproof control system

As well as all these elements we must also include management systems based on GPS tracking. This way we’ll be able to effectively capitalize and manage the company’s motor vehicles.

With a telematic fleet management system, we’ll be able to control cars and optimize performance and resources. This type of control is possible thanks to GPS tracking, so all information concerning the vehicle, from where it is to the speed at which it circulates, is transmitted remotely to the app that manages the fleet.

This application offers specially designed software that shows us all the data needed so it can be analyzed in the simplest way. With its installation we’ll be able to get an organized fleet, real time controlled, whit access to historical reports, useful for delineating areas of distribution, know the employees way of driving, take speed control and stops delays, keeping up to date the maintenance service of the cars…

Where it can be applied

Nearly any company that owns vehicles will get significant profits with the use of a fleet management system. It’s certainly true that there are sectors where this manager is almost essential: courier services, freight transport, law enforcement agencies, health services, firefighters, technical services…

In these sectors, real-time vehicle monitoring can be essential to avoid unwanted situations. In addition, we cannot forget that we’ll also achieve a more efficient, less emissions and more environmentally friendly driving.

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