Companies that have a good part or the entire staff as a mobile workforce, with a working from anywhere possibility, without having to be present at the company headquarters, need to find a valid system that allows them to control the scheduling of both working time and free time of its mobile employees.

Hourly control of mobile employees

A matter of trust

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most powerful weapons for ensuring a good work from your mobile employees sidelining working hours problems and other hourly control related concerns.

One of many options that can be considered by the company is to “educate” the employee so that there is trust between both parties when doing the tasks and confirming a working time. This fact will encourage the employee to undertake his workday with responsibility, one of the best ways to achieve harmony in the company.

Mobility applications

Another point to note is to help increase the level of awareness of workers concerning the knowledge that mobility apps are not an instrument to monitor their privacy. Quite the contrary, the worker must perceive the use of these tools as a way to help him in the performance of his work.

In addition to being able to address issues related to working time, projects can be assigned safely guaranteeing a fair day’s work for the mobility employee, preventing an unfair timetable for the employee.

You should also know that these apps will also be able to tell you about the most efficient routes, the location of each customer or important issues such as traffic retentions, which would delay your work and waste your time.

What do you think of these issues? Do you think these tools will help you in your day to day life?

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