New technologies and access to other platforms that benefit the consumer, have allowed the claimant of our products and services to possess such an overwhelming type of information that almost makes him a superclient.

How a Supercommercial should be

This fact has shown to the companies that their sales forces, their commercials, must be very special in order to face that superclient that comes to us with all kinds of knowledge, joined diverse organizations to avail themselves of their rights and aware of their role and its importance.

The law of supply and demand forces us to find ways to reach that superclient, conquer it, satisfy it, enhance its loyalty and increase its sales. Otherwise, another company will keep our piece of the cake. But this fact has forced us to discover the capabilities that a Supercommercial should have.

The qualities of the 21st century working team

Professional Training. In order to face the new customer, the sales team has to deepen its professional training, so that it knows perfectly the sales processes and the way to serve the customer of its century.

Multichannel. We were talking about New Technologies and the new customer’s control of them. This forces the new salesman to manage the customer through multiple channels, based on lovemark creation and differentiating the company from the rest of the sector.

Inbound Sales. It’s time to be passionate and base your methods on three fundamental steps: awareness, consideration and decision. Strangers will become authentic customers.

Working capacity. Luck is not everything, so you need to be able to process all the technique, take advantage and analyze later.

Communicate. Your team may have a perfect language. An impeccable speaking ability that allows you to reach the client’s mind, capture his attention, arouse his interest and desire and push him to action.

Resilience. Ability to overcome adversity and part of the clientele rejection. You must learn how to get over these feelings and turn frustration into strength to restart the process.

Nowadays, commercial teams must gather more qualities than ever and be more expert than they have been at any point in history.