More than eight decades have passed since the days of “Modern Times” by the genius Charles Chaplin. However, working and managing a large company can be just as chaotic if you do not have the necessary resources, such as some mechanism that allows you to better manage time.

HR on the brink of a nervous breakdown: working day control

The working day control is one of the most unpleasant and unsettling tasks. You can ask any member of the HR or Accounting area, two very affected departments.

They could, literally, be buried among piles of papers. Their work can acquire dramatic importance: look for this report, enter data to the computer, observe the endless Excel sheet, how the payroll goes, how many hours did some employee, but who can decrypt this ‘worthless’ handwriting…

If this is not enough for HR to be on the brink of a nervous breakdown, I do not know what else to show you.

To control the working day

Keeping track of the workday is, without doubt, one of the big issues for these departments. An aid in this sense will be a blessing for all its members.

Fortunately, times have advanced and this resource exists thanks to New Technologies.

Clock control apps

Implementing time control software is the solution to all those irritating evils. It works through a simple app, which is installed on the employees’ cell phone or mobile device.

It is a very economic system that allows, from its incorporation, to control the entire workday comfortably.

The clock control apps allow the worker to sign in and out without needing to be physically in the office. This is great for mobile employees and teleworkers. Not to mention the benefits that this apps brings for the HR department, which will have registered the hours of each employee without any paperwork, including overtime.

In addition you can forget about tedious reports by hand, because they will be provided by the working hours control software. You can throw the Excel sheet to the recycling bin and forget the letter of that happy partner, because you will not have to decipher it ever. Employees can enter their reports and forms directly through the app.

Still doubts? Try Bixpe’s time control app for free and tell us what you think.