Last year has been one of the most important for Bixpe’s history. As a company focused on adapting the latest market technologies to increase business productivity, 2017 has been a very demanding year. It has allowed us to increase our presence in businesses dedicated to business mobility.

Our journey in 2017, why not join us for the 2018 Tour?

Since our founding with Bixpe we wanted to support companies on their way to mobility. The goal was clear: to improve your business productivity through the use of mobile technology within our reach.

The operation and dynamics of our products has been the result of a direct and effective relationship with our customers. We have turned technology into a natural part of companies. We have faced it as part of the process to adapt to the evolution of business mobility.

To achieve this, it has been necessary to know how to listen to our customers. They have given us the keys to discover what was needed in the sector. At this point, Bixpe has set to work and these have been the most important milestones that came to us in 2017.

Most relevant milestones last year


The first month of the year allowed us to implement a basic solution so that you could have support at all times. It was enough to log in the app so you could talk to Bixpe’s Support section.


We knew how important reports are for any company. We were aware that in the case of mobile companies the matter needed a more focused and coherent approach. It was vital to bring facilities and comfort.

You don’t have to wait to receive your reports by mail. You can download them from the web since February. In addition, this month was chosen to launch the Bixpe app in IOS to locate employees.


We managed to integrate Baintree to optimize online payments. We remind you that Baintree is the Paypal division that specializes in mobile and web payment systems. A triumph!


Bixpe continues to strengthen channels so that communication with our customers is comfortable, agile and efficient. For this reason, since the month of April, we offer a visitor service chat on the commercial website.


We are still expanding. Bixpe continues to open borders and grow internationally. It’s time to launch the corporate website in English. It was something our international clients demanded.


Although our previous website was quite accessible, we wanted to make it even more intuitive. We got down to work and designed simpler menus for our websites. This way, web browsing through Bixpe is an even more comfortable experience.

Summer caught us creative and allowed us to double. So we take a look at one of our flagship products: Mobile Forms. We knew how important they were for Bixpe customers, so we made a series of tutorials now at your disposal. This way you can better understand how our Mobile Forms Solution works.


Bixpe Flotas app is on our commercial website since July. We put at your disposal a formula to manage your fleet of vehicles wherever they are. We had managed to be the software with global coverage, which optimizes the routes of your vehicles and improves the productivity of your drivers.


Our mobile app is unstoppable. Its acceptance is the result of the effort of a large team of specialized workers for years. We became a reference app also for the English speaking customer. As deference we decided to launch our Bixpe’s blog in English.


We were so happy with the results of Bixpe since the IOS app was launched that we felt as a pending issue to deal with Android mobile devices users. There is no difference now. Our app for tracking employees is also available in Android since September.


Reports: that great source of work and waste of time at once, so laborious and ungrateful! However, reports are essential. What to do? We came up with a brilliant solution: to facilitate the creation of reports by offering you the possibility of programming them. Not bad!


The world of forms begins to have no secrets for Bixpe. So we implemented an option that allows you to download all the forms you want or need simultaneously. We do not miss the opportunity to facilitate the task even more, so we created a series of videos to help you and show you all the secrets of Mobile Forms.


We are so happy in Bixpe! The time had come to launch one of our best and most useful creations: the Control Time app!

December also brought the traditional grapes at midnight strikes, the end of the year and all those things that put an end to 2017. But that does not mean that the surprises with Bixpe are over.

Quite the contrary! We are preparing very powerful implements so that our software continues to be the one that covers all the mobile needs of your business. Stay tuned in 2018. You will receive news from us throughout these months. Take for granted that they will be good, very good news!This process consists of gently breaking the skins of the grapes to release their juices in a piece of equipment called a crusher..jpg