Mobility companies’ perennial question is how to control their commercial fleet. You can carry out this task in a very comfortable and efficient way with a GPS tracking system based on mobile devices.

How to keep your commercials controlled

Undoubtedly, the greatest profitability that you will get from this type of software is in productivity gains. You will know in real time where each of your commercials goes, at what point of the route they are, if there is malpractice, if they are punctual with customers … you can even have a better maintenance of the vehicles and save on fuel.

Real time tracking

If you start with GPS tracking software, you will not be able to work again without it. Through a simple app, you will be able to monitor all your mobile employees in real time. In this case, the position of your commercials will appear on a screen in real time, so you can track each one of them during working hours.

This will help you to propose alternative, more efficient and ecological routes; warn your staff of withholdings and divert them on different routes; you can even know if all the concerted visits have been carried out, expanding the information to the point of knowing how much time each commercial has spent with your client and if they make all their visits as scheduled.

Direct communication

One of the major advantages of this type of software is the possibility of maintaining smooth and instantaneous communication with each employee who performs his work outside the headquarters of the company.

The task manager role will ensure that the mobile employee is in contact with the company at all times.

This also gives you the opportunity to access all the corporate information you may need and produce reports instantly, which you can download in real time or whenever you need, through the historical data.

How your employees drive

As if all these advantages were few, GPS tracking software will also let you know how each worker drives, whether they have bad driving practices, go too fast, are fined…

This type of control will allow the implementation of a good driving education policy, which will save fuel and fleet maintain costs.

Do you plan to implement a GPS tracking system in your company? What do you think of this type of tools?