Technology has made of monitoring employees through their own cell phone GPS an increasingly frequent fact. However, the question that many entrepreneurs continue asking themselves is whether tracking workers is legal or not.

It is legal to track employees with cell phone GPS?

New working methods

New times have brought new working methods. It is easy to know if your employee is or not at the office. But what happens when it comes to monitoring employees who work elsewhere?

Distributors, truckers, salespeople, technicians, teleworker… there are many employees who work for the company from another location. How can you know where they are?

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GPS tracking

Geolocation has become the most effective way for you to know where each employee is at any time. You can place a GPS device in the worker’s car or, even more effectively, in the employee’s smartphone.

Through a simple application, you can find out where the worker is. But the GPS tracking through smartphones has many other advantages. The work will be easier and more productive for both parties.

GPS tracking benefits

You will be able to send and receive essential information for the employee through the app that you will install on their cell phones. You will have each worker monitored in real time. You will give them access to all the information of the company, as if they were in the office. You can issue and receive reports. Locate alternative routes, so that they do not waste working time in traffic jams or retentions. You can even check with one of your workers is closest to a specific client…

Employees become more productive and perform their work in a simpler and more efficient way.

Monitoring employees’ legality

Monitoring your employees through a cell phone GPS is completely legal… provided that their privacy is always respected. At all times, these GPS tracking applications must be used without infringing the rights of employees.

To be completely safe, Bixpe’s app allows you to enable the connection and disconnection function. This way, you can disable the GPS tracking after their working day is finished.