One of the biggest concerns of mobile employees is to have enough time to reconcile work and family life effectively. It is important that you know how to anticipate and distribute your work tasks to get those extra hours that will allow you to enjoy your personal interests.

How to make your work flow to save you time

Work Smart and enjoy what you do

We already know that it is not easy. You have to work very hard to achieve the results and objectives established for projects and in many cases you have to do these tasks alone, without the incentive of a working group. But that fact also allows you to distribute your working time as you see fit. A few tips to minimize your workload will come in handy.


It is normal to have more work on your inbox than you can manage in a single day. You must learn to live with it and prioritize urgent activities or those that are most important.

Set yourself realistic goals in a worksheet

Set up in advance a specific time to dedicate to the task you are going to perform. If a task only takes an hour is productive but if you need six to do it, things are not going the right way.

Do not be such a perfectionist

You must know when a goal has been achieved successfully. Do not spend more time polishing it over and over again without the content changing significantly. You would be pointlessly wasting time!

Temporary sustainability

You have to get disciplined and keep a sustainable pace of work over time, so that it allows you to achieve your goals in time without accumulating tasks and, eventually, force you to spend more time than you have. Temporary sustainability is one of the best tools to bring your work up to date, even a bit early, thus enabling you a better combination of professional and family life.