The HR and Accounting departments are essential in any company. They must face their challenges with professionalism, more quickly and efficiently than ever thought possible. However a large number of tasks, such as the registration of the workday, are inherent to the job and the work exceeds them on many occasions. In this sense, a bit of help never does any harm.

How to make the workday register simply and quickly

Time control apps

A good way to make this task more bearable and functional is through time control applications. They are very simple tools to implement and, in turn, help keep track of the workday of the entire workforce without effort.

Work Time Tracking

Work Time Tracking is the application developed by Bixpe to facilitate the control of the signing and rest hours of your employees. In this way, not only the workday register will be done in a very simple way, you will also be facilitating the work of your coordinators.

Using Bixpe’s app, each employee can start and end the workday quickly and mark breaks during it, wherever they are.

How Work Time Tracking works

It is as simple as downloading and installing an app on the mobile device of each employee. Of course, the easiest is to install our app on the smartphone of each worker. Once all is done, they will be able to record their working hours.

Entry and exit to work

The clocking in and out of work could not be easier. The employee will only have to press the icon that will appear on the screen of its mobile device. The registration of the working day will be based on the entry and exit times indicated by the smartphone or tablet at any time.

Regular breaks

Workers can also click the break icon to stop their schedule while they eat, go to the doctor, take a moment of rest… when they return to work, they will only have to click again on the Work Time Tracking icon.

What do you think of this time control system? Would it be useful to make your job easier? Try Bixpe’s app.