I still do not know anyone who has not lost part of their working time in meetings. Yes, not all meetings are valid and much less productive. You have to learn to organize them and keep track of working hours to be as productive as possible.

When meetings become a problem

We are aware that most of the time of companies directors is used holding regular meetings. However, if they are not well planned, these events will simply get employees to lose part of their workday.

There are two main reasons that lead to unproductive meetings: resolution of egocentric conflicts and departmental self-interest. That is, each attendee considered themselves as the best in front of their coworkers and each department will look for their own interests instead of the final overall goal.

Dealing with these problems takes a long time, hence the importance of setting a time control to limit meetings to the strictly necessary.

Get productive meetings

The main goal of any work meeting should be to get information from those involved in each project and, as a result, mark the steps to follow to achieve maximum productivity and reach the end date without delays or unforeseen events.

Meeting for the sake of it does not make sense. It is well known: not because you spend many hours in the workplace you are really working or, at least, being productive. However, it is feasible to get productive meetings by following these simple tips:

  • Set the objective a priori. If you do not have one, it is better not to summon anything. Let your employees continue their workday without interruptions.
  • Choose carefully the attendees. The entire staff does not have to attend a meeting. Convenes only those workers involved in the project at hand.
  • Set the agenda for the meeting and send it to the attendees beforehand. This way you give them time in advance to prepare the information they want to transmit.
  • Minutes shall be taken for each meeting summing up the conclusions reached. Although it seems more work, to use a few minutes to write a record of the meeting held will record the agreement and no one will have any doubts about the functions that must be performed.

As you can see, following the timetable set by the company or the needs of each project is not foolishness. You can help yourself with apps and involve all your employees, achieving an efficiency and productivity higher than ever. Take a look at Bixpe and let us know what you need.

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