MDM software, also known as “Mobile Device Management”, is nowadays an essential tool for mobile workforces businesses; Working away from the office.

What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

This software manages, controls and supports every mobile device of your business (smartphones, tablets, laptops…). Such devices may be operating within the office, but MDM software typically applies to companies whose devices operate away of the office, in the field.

The so-called mobile employees carry mobile devices with them to report data to the office from where they are working.

What does the MDM bring to business?

In addition to a control and good management of mobile workforces, MDM allows an improvement in the safety and functionality of all the employees.

At the same time, it helps to improve companies’ corporate network due to adapted apps according to the needs of each company.

The BYOD phenomenon

It’s becoming increasingly self-evident that working remotely doesn’t imply losing productivity, quite the contrary. How many times have we seen how couriers or delivery agents have had to duplicate their work dealing with all the paperwork? Technological improvements offer time and costs savings without losing productivity during adaptation process on this type of MDM apps.

Mobile devices Management means losing fear of the technological management of resources, understanding that you can control the movements and operations of mobile employees by just looking at a computer, all within saving time and resources to the employees themselves: each one carries his own mobile device from which it informs the company (BYOD).

Main benefits of MDM

  • Time and costs savings for both company and employee
  • Improve decision-making through output reports
  • Increased visibility of mobile resources in real time
  • Simplifies the work management
  • Mobile Organization Security

There are numerous advantages implied in MDM world. However, here are just a few of them. If you want to know more about MDM technology or are looking for software to manage mobile devices, don’t hesitate to visit Bixpe, where you’ll see the different management options offered.