It is true that the economic crisis has led to a drop in wages to levels not seen for decades. However, given the impossibility of offering higher remuneration, many employers have been able to find a new motivation for their employees.

When money is not everything

Emotional wages

At first it may seem that we all work for more money. We do and accept more work with the sole purpose of increasing our payment at the end of the month. However, that is not entirely true.

The work-life balance policy has proven to be one of the aspects that most interest a candidate when deciding to offer their services to a company. And reconcile work and family life is not easy. That is why more and more companies are seeing the so called emotional salary as a way to promote reconciliation, offer other benefits to their employees, motivate them and boost their loyalty to the company.

Quality of life as a complement

More flexible hours, more sense of autonomy, development of their professional career, good work environment … All these resources can make the employee value the job above money.

In fact, numerous studies have agreed that motivated workers are much more productive. This fact has pushed companies to supplement the economic salary with emotional wages.

This commitment to increasing the worker’s motivation over economic compensation has proven to be very effective. In return, companies that pamper their employees achieve, in addition to more productivity, less absenteeism and a tool with which to retain talent.

Nowadays, a worker can see as a good incentive to have a daycare service in the company, have a gym in the company or be able to have a recreational and leisure room to disconnect in moments of fatigue.

Would you be willing to work in a company with a lower salary but with greater benefits for your quality of life? What would it take to make this proposal attractive to you?


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