How many years stuck to that increasingly long and endless Excel sheet! Any employee of the HR department knows what I mean. Not to mention Accounting employees. But this role is becoming more and more boring by seconds, not to say tedious and stressful. I want a signing managing app!

Sayonara, Excel

There is no doubt about it; Excel was an innovation at the time. But this useful tool of the past has become part of our ordeal over time. Using Excel to calculate the working hours of the employees becomes increasingly more time consuming and… exasperating. Especially when more current methods are available.

Spreadsheet’s retirement

Excel turned out to be a simple and cheap method for data entry years ago. The HR and accounting departments obtained a tool that allowed them to carry out many operations.

Due to the use of spreadsheets they could change large amounts of data quite easily. In addition, the popular tool was also suitable for some complexity graphics.

The times have changed. Now there are other solutions. However, SMEs above all continue to be very reluctant to abandon Excel. Not to mention large corporations that still waste their workers time in tasks that could be ready with a simple signing monitoring app.

Signing monitoring app

Let’s face it; we are living in modern times. We must be down to earth and be practical! There’s no need to waste time on those endless spreadsheets. While they are used, other issues are abandoned and every week, month and year we leave jobs undone. We do not want this!

The signing managing app is a new, useful, cheap and easy to use tool. It also has many utilities. We could say that a signing managing app could become the new muse of HR.

What is the signing managing app for?

To begin with, each worker can sign in from wherever they are. This is extremely useful, especially in the case of remote employees. They will click in and out of work through their smartphones or the tablets.

On top of that, you can also manage each staff member schedule executing the simple app in their smartphones. That is, the easy app allows you to have all the work done within minutes: clocking in and out, to monitor the real working hours, breaks done throughout the day… everything you need to optimize the management of the working hours of your staff .

By the way, getting a report will be as easy as clicking. Would you like to try the signing managing app of Bixpe for free? Share your experience with us.

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