Do you remember that Bruce Willis movie in which an adorable little boy came to paroxysm because he sometimes saw dead people? Indeed, I am talking about “The Sixth Sense”! Well, the same happens to employees of HR, only that the burden reaches them when it comes to counting the worked hours of each employee.

I see new signings

It is normal. Many companies continue without catching up on the Digital Age. It has brought us many benefits, like time management apps. But you need to acquire a certain business culture first.

Signings management apps

There is nothing more horrible than all the paperwork that comes from carrying out a transfer control through the signature of the worker. Hours and hours of hard work and multiples spreadsheets are needed to manage the real schedule made by the employee workforce.

This kind of situations takes their toll on your nerves, no doubt. But the HR staff knows it well. The department is responsible of a vital issue for the whole company. But, is it necessary to waste so many hours and so many personnel on something as the signing of workers?

The answer is clear and forceful: No! Apart from that wasted time that could be spent on something else, HR employees destined to manage the recruitment of their colleagues end up very stressed. Obviously, that reduces their productivity.

Automatic monitoring

A good time control app is also an app that can carry out the monitoring of signings. The in and out clocking of employees does not have to be registered through archaic methods that only serve to drives us crazy.

A time management app allows each employee to sign in automatically. Simply press the button enabled for it on your own mobile phone and you are done. The in and out clocking will be registered automatically accordingly with the real time marked on the employee’s smartphone.

HR Department will have a complete and detailed report of the entry and exit of each worker. The employees can sign in and out wherever they are. No need, either, to have to go back to the office to do so. This has great value especially for mobile employees and teleworkers.

Lift a weight off of your HR staff and let them be devoted to other tasks. They will be less overwhelmed and they will be much more productive. Try the Bixpe app for free and tell us your experience with a time management app.