There is more than one business where bosses do not know how to take advantage of time employees’ control apps. The truth is that some of them choose to use it to spy on their workers. Others simply do not dare to raise the issue for fear of the workforce reaction.

Somewhere in a great country they forgot to build companies were the employees are monitored and feeling at ease about it

As that legendary band of the 80s ‘Duncan Dhu’ once said with their hit song “Somewhere in a great country…” in our case what has been forgotten is to have a good corporate culture. With that in mind you can make good use of emerging technologies and take advantage of the benefits they can provide.

To monitor employees in Spanish-speaking countries

It may not be easy… at first. Spain and the Latin American states are the most reluctant to use workers’ tracking apps. In case they use them, they do it because they do not trust their employees. Those who do without this tool, on the other hand, fear doing so because of the rejection they could receive from the staff.

Good comunication

The truth is that the only thing you need as a manager of enterprise is to know how to communicate well what a tracking app is for. It is not about controlling employees just because. That must also be clear to the company.

Workers must understand that they are part of a team. They are very valuable resources for any business. For this reason, a tracking app will serve to make their work easier.

  • Have access to all corporate data wherever they are. They no longer need to move around with hundreds of papers to inform the customer.
  • Data entry through their mobile devices. Forget about collecting data on paper and then go back to double work by entering them on the computer.
  • Say goodbye to tedious spreadsheets. Everything is registered at the moment and they can even request immediate reports.
  • No more traffic jams. Using a tracking app they will receive alternative routes whenever necessary so they do not get stuck in retention for hours.
  • When monitored in real time they will be assigned the closest customer to their actual location.
  • They will not have to be physically in the office to sign in and out. They can do it from wherever they are.

These and other advantages will make the worker more relaxed so it can work much and better with much less stress. In other words, we all gain in productivity. Therefore, it is also important that workers understand that it is not an app to control employees because they are not trusted, but quite the opposite.

So let’s leave that “Somewhere in a great country…” just as the lyrics of a great song.

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