Many small and medium-sized businesses already know that there are necessary means to keep time control of SMEs… and the benefits that come along with it. However, this technology is rejected as way too expensive. You should know that time control also works for your company, requiring a very low investment.

Does time control work in SMEs?

The fact that you run a small or medium-sized business does not mean that you do not have the same needs as a large corporation. The difference is that, most of the time, you cannot afford all kinds of technology.

Is it expensive to adopt a time control system?

Keep track of your employees, know where they are, and be able to locate them in an emergency, to know when they enter or leave work, to check if they comply with their route, if they drive efficiently, if they are near a customer…

There are thousands of questions for which you need a time control system for your SME. Until now it could seem expensive and difficult to implement but, that is not the case.

Time control apps for SMEs

Bixpe is a really useful time control application for SMEs. It is a simple app that is downloaded to each employee’s mobile phone. From then on you will know when they begin to work, when they finish, where they are and what they do during their entire working day.

You will be able to control time through a monitor, in real time. Also, you will be able to download reports instantly. It is a cheap system and its implementation is as simple as downloading and installing the app on a smartphone.

You can keep an effective time control. You will gain in agility and speed and you will be able to see the results in a short term. With a very low investment you will get all the benefits of a great company.

Go for it and try the Bixpe app for free and you will see that time control for SMEs is also possible. Share your experience with us!