Performing good management of the workday is one of the major factors that companies appreciate when assessing the productivity of an employee. A worker who is capable of carrying out its work in record time reaffirms its profitability.

Time optimization in your working life

Getting this bonus from your company requires you to be aware of some realities, such as knowing what your real role is and what your goals are. If you already have this point clear, you will have to take responsibility for what you can do and delegate to other employees those who are not under your tasks.

Waste of time

It is very important that you analyze how long it takes you to complete your entrusted tasks. Dedicate time to do effective work and avoid its loss in matters that are not productive are equally important.

Take into account that, in most cases, time is lost in tasks that we continue to perform due to the force of habit, but which are no longer necessary nowadays.

If after developing a good planning you recognize that you cannot comply with everything that has been marked in a stipulated time, it is best to talk to your boss about it.

Planning and use of time

Organize your working day and foresee your goals even in the long term. That way you will not run out of time. Start by prioritizing the most necessary tasks and set a time limit to perform them, so that you can stick to what you have marked yourself.

That does not mean that you cannot reserve time for breaks and make evaluations about the quality of your work, so you can be more effective and have time to propose new ideas.

Try to detect those unforeseen aspects that will take away your working time: visits, unannounced meetings, bureaucracy, poor communication, little discipline…

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