No, it’s not about encouraging carelessness and slovenliness. Quite the contrary. Your employee can be more productive if a little of workplace napping occurs. At least this is the result of the most objective and scientific studies that have led large companies to impose this new trend: To nap at work.

Obviously we are not meaning that the staff has to move to the office or spend the day navel gazing. It is as simple and typical Spanish as the siesta. That is the proposal; take some time for a nap in the office itself.

To nap… at work

Do inemuri

It is quite incredible that it should be Japan who imposed that rule on most of its companies. There, the most important companies have small cubicles where the worker can sleep for a while in the middle of the day.

They call it inemuri and it has nothing to do with the Spanish sacred siesta… or so they say.

It may seem strange, but the CEOs themselves welcome the fact that their employee surrenders to sleep in front of their eyes. More than one also does it for all to see. The reason is that for the Japanese, to sleep publicly is a sign that you are ‘giving one’s all’ and you need a moment to recover and continue working.

Productivity growth

Even if it does sound awful, the truth is that many multinationals have adopted this custom, adapting it to their environment.

The reason is that they have been able to verify that tacking little naps in the workplace powerfully increases the productive levels of the employee. In most cases it has been proven that overwork and fatigue produces depression, instability, unhappiness and, therefore, lower productivity peaks.

However, a little nap in the middle of the day can help us to recompose ourselves and continue being the most effective at work. It’s as easy as knowing how to take good time management.

Would you sleep at work? Would it seem like a way to increase your efficiency? Do you think your boss would be willing to take a chance at workplace napping?