For years now technology allows you to track your employees while at work. By simply installing a quick app on the mobile device of the worker, you can discover it whereabouts and follow its workday step by step. However, beyond a spy application, the possibility of implementing a system of control and tracking of employees ensures an intelligent management of your human resources.

Do you track your employees out of necessity or for pleasure?

There is no doubt, a control and tracking software is a powerful tool. It is significant how the worker’s productivity level increases, performing its functions more easily and with greater comfort.

However, instead of using this app to control and track employees who work outside the office, some entrepreneurs misuse the tracking software.

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It is common for many workers to show their rejection to this type of tool. They see it as a way for the boss to control them. They feel that their privacy will be invaded and will serve for their superiors to watch over them at any time of the day.

The truth is that this opinion is based on the malpractice of some employers who have used the method of control and tracking of employees for unprofessional purposes. However, a proper use of the tracking app offers great benefits for both the employee and the employer.

Mobile workforce management

For companies with workers who work outside the office, it is very difficult to manage the movements of mobile employees. The employee tracking and control apps come to their aid.

Thanks to them, management personnel will be able to know where each one of their mobile employees is, in each moment and in real time. Every worker with the app installed on their mobile device will be monitored during their workday.

This means that they will have the support of the company, just as if they were in the office. That is, they can take a look at any corporate information that their clients require.

They will also be able to make online reports and take data directly on their mobile devices. This way they will not have to enter the info into the computer a posteriori. Let us move away from doing double work.

Monitoring room staff will be able to indicate which one is the most efficient route for mobile workers to reach the nearest customer, even offer alternative routes in case of traffic jam.

These are just some of the advantages of working with an app to control and track employees. You can consult Bixpe for more information, but if you already use one of these tools, tell us, what do you think of them? Has the efficiency of your company increased?