Monitoring the employee’s whereabouts is essential for many companies. Workers who perform their work outside the office often find themselves without support. A tracking app is the best solution. However, it cannot be used as an excuse to spy on your employees private lives.

Tracking employees is not espionage

Mistrust is not profitable

We run into two types of mistrust when talking about GPS tracking: mistrust by the employer and mistrust by worker.

A tool to tracking employees may be used as a weapon to spy on the workforce by certain heads of offices. This raises mistrust among workers. As is normal, with this approach they feel that the use of these apps infringe upon their right to privacy.

Both skills are based on mistrust and are harmful to the health of the company and the workforce. It increases the stress of the worker and this leads to lower levels of productivity for the company.

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It is not the same to track employees than to spy on them

It is vital for all our interests if it is understood that it is not the same to track employees than to spy on them. GPS Tracking apps were not designed to tell the boss what we are doing at all times.

On the other hand, it would not be very smart for a businessman to waste a valuable resource in undermining the confidence of his staff.

What is the GPS tracking for?

GPS tracking serves to keep track of the mobile resources of the company. The worker who is out of the office is producing and working. The most sensible obligation for the employer is to see it as a resource that offers profitability to its business.

It is true that tracking employees lets you know where they are. But under no circumstances it can be used for the espionage of workers. You will be violating the worker’s right to privacy and wasting a crucial tool.

With Bixpe’s GPS Monitoring of employees app, you can see on screen and in real time the location of each employee. You will help the worker by offering all the necessary information for each client. All through mobile devices.

Employees will not have to waste time on issues such as paperwork and spreadsheets. They will enter the data directly into their smartphones and you will have access to it instantly.

You can let them know the location the closest customer avoiding wasting time. You can also offer alternative routes, preventing them from being trapped in traffic jams.

There are many more reasons to change the focus on the subject and realize that tracking and spying on employees is not the same thing. If you want more information, visit Bixpe’s website and try the app for free. How do you feel about it?