Categorically, YES. This is particularly relevant if we take into account that less and less work is being done through departments and the number of companies that prefer to program their tasks through projects has increased.

Is working time measurement important in business?

From department to Project

We must keep in mind that companies’ organization has been transformed. The world in which we operate has been organized so the project is the center of attention of any teamwork. In this light, to be able to carry out a measurement of the time that these projects entail it’s vital for the company.

Let us not fool ourselves; there are still many jobs that continue to carry out a comprehensive control of their employees’ workday. However, it has already been proven that working more hours or spending more time in the office doesn’t translate into a productivity higher rate.

Of course, controlling the working day of the employees is an important task to do if you want to be able to establish the right remuneration of each one. However, to know with certainty the productive level of each employee, the logical thing is to discover how much time they dedicate to their tasks, to their projects.

Starting out from this premise, it’s also logical to keep in mind the profits that can be gained by controlling the time it takes to carry out those projects.

Project time control benefits

A Task Manager is of considerable importance to workers, managers and customers. But, why? Very simple, if we know in advance the time it takes to develop a project, we can create fair and proper budgets. This’ll keep us on the cutting edge of our business sector.

In addition, time measurement will enable us to increase our productivity rate, so that we’ll know the real time dedicated to important tasks and to others of lesser priority. In this way we can modify the way in which these works are carried out, so employees can make more easily their planning.